Product - Cheque Deposit Machine

Cheque Deposit Machine

The check deposit machine is an entry level Self Service Kiosk designed for offline/online check image and data collection environment. It allows depositors to “drop” their checks into the kiosk without having to fill up deposit slips or use envelops. This enables depositors to “drop” their checks very quickly and at the same time able to obtain a receipt with deposited check images and transaction details. It is designed for speed and security aspects over the traditional “dumb boxes” being used at some banks. All customer data and images of the checks are captured onto the Kiosk’s hard disk for batch output to transportable devices such as compact disks (CD) at periodic intervals or at the end of the day.

  • Acquire new operating accounts by capturing merchants to participate in the shared cashless ATM concept and turn long-tail (tier-3 to tier-5) merchants into profitable markets
  • New source of revenue generated from interest gained by holding on to all merchants’ direct deposits collected through our Rototype Cashless ATMs
  • Reduce operation costs incurred in cash handling, cash-in-transit and insurance premium for cash management
  • High security vouchers acts as an alternative to cash that is cheaper to produce, manage and distribute