Product - Cashless ATM

Cashless ATM

It is a known fact that the cost of handling cash is high, but there still remains a large usage of cash in the global economy today. The largest cost incurred by banks include labour and security, which are employed for back office cash handling and the refilling of cash boxes at the ATMs; and opportunity cost of holding excess cash in each ATM. In an initiative to optimize the usage of cash in an efficient economy, government agencies have begun to encourage the reduction of cash circulation using electronic payment (e-payment) instruments instead. For certain merchants, the high cost levied upon them for the use of these e-payment infrastructures forces them to pass these costs on to the consumers. Other merchants however choose to opt out from it altogether. We are therefore introducing the Orange Apple Technologies in conjunction with Rototype International’s “Cashless ATM”. It is a shared ATM that will enable your banking customers pay for purchases, using their ATM cards. By selecting the merchant payee at the self-service machine, the total amount payable will be debited from their savings, current and checking accounts and the merchant will receive instant payment. At the same time, your banking customer will also receive a secured voucher which can be presented for their purchases, just like cash.


At Orange Apple Technologies, our concept design team has realized the importance of creating new interactive experiences for your banking customer without compromising the ease of use. When designing the Cashless ATM, we believed in maintaining the familiar experience of a cash dispensing ATM; at the same time redefining security and costs aspects for you, your banking customers, and your merchant account holders creating a 3-fold winning strategy for all parties.

  • Acquire new operating accounts by capturing merchants to participate in the shared cashless ATM concept and turn long-tail (tier-3 to tier-5) merchants into profitable markets
  • New source of revenue generated from interest gained by holding on to all merchants’ direct deposits collected through our Rototype Cashless ATMs
  • Reduce operation costs incurred in cash handling, cash-in-transit and insurance premium for cash management
  • High security vouchers acts as an alternative to cash that is cheaper to produce, manage and distribute